The Voice of Hanna-Mari


I started out my first blog in 2013. I truly just started it, I don't think I ever even published anything. It was while I was studying arts management, it must have been an assignment for some media subjects.

So the first time was short, but the idea never left me. I do enjoy expressing myself: by playing, by handcrafts, by composing, by singing, by cooking, by conducting. So why not by writing?

For some reason I have felt for a while now, that a blog about music is needed. A blog about music, musicians and music education. A blog about people who work in the music field and about their rights, their statuses or the economics etc. I am not sure if it is only needed by me, You readers can decide that.

I also have the urge to write to, well let's call them this although it is not a good label, normal people. I want to start a conversation with You about listening to music, about going to concerts and about understanding the experience of (live) music.

Welcome to my blog! I hope You enjoy my stories and visit here often!

Best wishes,